Abolhassani win Paul K. Feyerabend Award 2014

Having a successful experience with Abolhassani Tribal Confederacy using “Coping with the Drought Cycle”, Cenesta supported by information from the Abolhassani representatives, prepared a nomination proposal to the Paul K. Feyerabend Foundation and the proposal won the Paul K. Feyerabend Award for 2014.

logo-pk-feyerabendThe Paul K. Feyerabend Foundation promotes the empowerment and well-being of disadvantaged human communities. By strengthening intra and inter-community solidarity the Foundation strives to improve local capacities, promote the respect of human rights, and sustain cultural and biological diversity. The Foundation was created in Switzerland in March 2006. It has an international Board of Directors including seven members.

The Foundation, when the occasion arises, awards a prize called “Paul K. Feyerabend Award – A World of Solidarity is Possible” to exceptionally successful works favuring solidarity within or between communities. The prize acknowledges and encourages remarkable accomplishments which represent true sources of inspiration. The prize is given to exemplary individuals and/or communities and/or organizations that have succeeded to bring about crucial and lasting changes under difficult conditions. Each prize comprises a certificate and the amount of 5000 euros.


Abholassanis’ story at World Parks Congress, Sydney 2014 (in Persian and English)

Download | YouTube link

Pictures from the Abolhassani Tribal Confederacy



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