1. Qashqai Tribal Confederacy (South)

The Farsimadan and Sish Boluki tribes of the Qashqai Tribal Confederacy have established and registered their Fund for the Sustainable Livelihood Council CBO with official authorities.

The Qashqai Tribal Confederacy consists of 6 tribes. Members of the Faresimand and Six Boluki CBO’s have negotiated for the formation of a Tribe Council and, after setting multiple consultative meetings with the Council of the Elders and the White Beards of the six tribes of the Qashqai Tribal Confederacy, the Tribe’s Articles of Association has been developed and its board members elected. Currently efforts required to register this tribe are on the agenda of its board members.

The social structure of the Qashqai Tribal Confederacy is shown in the classification below:


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